LD - Low Density Pipe Fittings

We stock both RX Plastic and Hansen Low Density Alkathene fittings. RX has a slightly wider Green hand grip. Hansen are the all black pipe fittings. Both are NZ made and easy fitting pipe fittings
LD Pipe is typically made to imperial inside diameter measurements. If in doubt compare these sizes to identify the poly pipe you are working with.
(Metric OD pipe is easier to identify as sized by accurate Outside Diameter measurements.)
Typical LD measurements-
LD – Outside Diameter mm / Internal Diameter mm
15mm – 17 / 12.2
20mm – 25. / 18.5
25mm – 31.5 / 25
32mm – 37.8 / 31.2
40mm – 44.1 / 37.5
50mm – 56.8 / 50.2
there is also a limited range of fittings in 45mm to cover the gap between 40 and 50mm and mainly used for effluent lines.

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